Ritter Christmas Bake

It’s become a yearly tradition for my sister, Melissa, and brother, Ricky, to come over the week before Christmas so we can bake and decorate cookies, make treats, and put together gift bags for our families.  This year things were a little less festive because of some really rough stuff Melissa is going through, but we managed to create some beautiful confections anyway. 

These are not the beautiful creations I was talking about.  Round one of M &M pretzel kisses were a failure.  Mostly because I left them in waaayyy too long and they burnt.  It breaks my heart to see a whole bag of candy cane Kisses destroyed.  Take two…
with regular Kisses.  These turned out much better.
Reagan and Ellie got to decorate cookies as well.  Or pretend to decorate cookies while eating all the icing. 
We ended up with three different kinds of cookies (sugar, chocolate chip, and a oatmeal white chocolate cranberry cookie) and the M & M pretzel kisses.  Melissa brought an assortment of pre-packaged Christmas candy and we put the bags together with all the goodies.  Normally we put them in festive tins, but we ran out of time and went with Christmas bags.  I put them together later in the evening when all the icing had set, but forgot to take pictures.  You’ll have to take my word for it, they were amazing.

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