WoF: Day #1

Monday we had a two hour delay because of weather (yesss).  This was a perfect start to my week of fancy since I had plenty of time to lay in bed, take a long shower, and still look put together.  The picture below is HORRIBLE, but since Chris doesn’t know about my experiment, asking him to take random pictures of me was out of the question.  Also, out of the question: editing the picture since I have no editing skills (or software). 

Wearing: Black and cream striped shirt, cream velvet blazer, black maternity pants (hott), gold chained owl necklace, and black wedges. 

Comments at school:
-”Holy shit!  Are you wearing eye shadow?” fellow teacher
-”You look nice.” student
-”Ms. Graham, you look pretty today.” student
-”Why do you look so nice today?” student
-”Do you have a parent conference this afternoon?” fellow teacher
-”So if you had two extra hours (referring to the weather delay today) you could look like this everyday?” student
-”You look tired.” student (???)
-”You look really tall today.” student
-”Why are you so dressed up?” student
-”Why do you look so professional today?” fellow teacher
-”You should not be wearing heels while you’re pregnant!” student
-(stopping dead in her tracks as she saw me) “Umm, you look really different.” student

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