WoF: Day #2

Tuesday there was no such luck for a two hour delay (boo).  Less comments today, but still some good ones.  My co-workers seem more confused about why I’m dressing up than my students.  Maybe because they’ve seen five years of me going downhill and didn’t think there was any hope.  Today’s picture is just a torso picture since I was in the kitchen and had no idea how to take a full length picture of myself in there.

Wearing: brown pants, gray, long, button down shirt, brown belt above my growing belly, animal print shoes, silver hoop earrings, and a brown and purple ring.

-“Ooh, did you get a new shirt?” fellow teacher (answer: yes, I did, thanks for noticing.)
-“You look pretty today.” student
-“Look at Ms. Graham trying to wear eyeliner.” student (note: I was not wearing eyeliner, let’s not get carried away people.)
-“Does that belt hurt your baby?” student
-“I thought you couldn’t come to school lookin’ professional two days in a row.” student
-“You look hot today!” fellow teacher
-“I can tell you’ve done your hair two days in a row Graham.” fellow teacher
-“You look like a hip mama!” fellow teacher

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