WoF: Day #3

Wednesday for my week of fancy.  I wore black leggings, a gray/pink/blue dress with a black bow belt, a purple sweater, and some jewelry.  While the comments have slowed down because I think my students might be getting used to me (after just two days??) dressing up, my co-workers have not.

(I had Chris take my picture today.  He didn’t question why, at 6:45 AM, I would want my picture taken, he just did it.  But I wish I would have looked more carefully at it since it’s really dark…oh well, better than spending 10 minutes trying unsuccessfully to take my own picture which is what happened the past two mornings.)

“Mary, it’s been just this week that I finally figured out you were a female.” fellow teacher
“You look pretty.” student
“You’re going to freeze with no pants on!” student (I had pants on…)
“You’re dressed up again today.” student
“Look at you, all stylish!” fellow teacher
“You’re not as dressed up today.” student

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