i LOVE a good list

I’m a list person.  If I could just make lists all day, I would probably be happy.  I love planning things, making lists about those things, and then doing those things.  Even if it’s something not exciting, I’ll be more likely to do it if I put it on a list.  It’s a little trick I play on myself.  Sneaky.

So I’ve got big plans for today.  On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, Chris takes Ellie to the wonderful Miss Lori’s house.  I pick her up after lunch, around 12:30, and we get home just in time for a nap.  It’s awesome.  I get to spend some one-on-one time with Harper, I usually clean the house while she’s sleeping, and I might even get a little time into read a book.  I love Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
And to keep me on track this morning, I’m not only making a list on my handy dandy notebook, but I’m sharing it with you.  Because just as I love a good list, I also love another person’s list.  I like to see the everyday stuff people do (maybe that’s why I like reading other people’s blogs so much).  I enjoy people all cleaned up with spotless houses, but I enjoy a mess.  Maybe because it makes me feel better about myself, to know that I’m not the only one. 
So here’s my exciting to-do list for the morning…
-clean out the fridge
-go through my stockpile and get a bag (or two) of food ready to go the the food pantry
-order pictures
-play with my little baby
-bathe the little baby
What’s not on my list?  Blogging.  Checking Facebook.  Reading the news.  Oops.
Better get going–have a good, productive day! 


  1. says

    I love list too. Instead of checking things off of my list I’m sitting here reading your blog. oh well… maybe I should update mine.

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