Friday Confessional

Yesterday, I learned that Ellie’s preschool has a Christmas program.  I am silly with excitement and can’t wait to go.  A few days ago, she was singing a Christmas song that I had no idea she had heard before, let alone knew all the words to.  I can only imagine what it will sound like with 15 other three and four year olds.

The middle school I teach at is bringing back the faculty versus student basketball game.  And because I once had skills, twelve years ago, I agreed to play.  And January 12th is the day–today after school I’m joining the gym.  Because I will literally die if I don’t condition beforehand.  This could get ugly.  I’ll keep you posted.

On my way home from work yesterday, this is the text I received from Chris, “I just ate five mini Three Musketeers and have the desire to tell you I love you.”  Funny guy, that one.

an ear infection
It’s been a long eight days of battling an eight month old with an ear infection.  And lots of late nights sitting up in bed while she sleeps on my chest.  While I don’t want her to be sick or feel bad, I secretly loved that she would let me hold her and just sleep.  My children don’t sleep well being held–once they hit six months, they’d rather be in their own beds than snuggled with Mommy (they get that from me, I need my space when I sleep also).  But it’s been nice to hold a baby all night.  Except the getting-up-early-for-work thing, that sucked.

comic books
To sound more sophisticated, we call them graphic novels in the English-teacher world, but that’s just code word for comic book.  Which my husband has been checking out from the library with wild abandon.  I love that little dork.

It’s the weekend!  Yeaaa!



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    I’m sure the preschool show will be so much fun. I love when that age group (called the Cherub Choir) sings at church. Sooooo cute.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

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    Yay for the weekend! My husband played in his faculty VS. students game this year and had to sit out half way through. It got his butt back in the gym to be schooled by middle schoolers. :)OOO, I love preschool programs too!

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