Something I’m thinking about. 


It’s too late for this year, but this is something I want to keep in mind for next year.

Especially with the volume of stuff our kids will be getting this year.  Even the amount of people that give them presents is too much.  I wish I could just tell everyone to donate the $10 they’d be spending to their college savings account. 



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    That’s something else I’m struggling with (I think my post on this post will come on Monday…)–it’s actually not about my kids and gifts and other giving them stuff. It’s about Jesus and what His being born did for us. I don’t want my kids to think Christmas is about toys, because it’s not. Whatever money we spend on Christmas presents, we match in the girls’ savings accounts. We do it for birthdays too–I’m not asking people to give them money that we aren’t doing ourselves. I think birthdays are going to become the big present holiday (because we’re celebrating them), but Christmas isn’t. I want Christmas to be about Jesus, helping others, spending our money to show God’s love to people that don’t understand it, and not about presents and getting more stuff. This is just something we’re figuring out as we go, but Christmas next year is going to look a lot different than it will this year. So it’s like our last hooray, I just don’t want my kids growing up like this. But what that exactly means, we’re not sure yet.

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    Wow, did I miss the memo where this went from discussion to personal attack?
    I’m sorry you are taking this idea so personally. This is something we’re deciding for our family and you obviously don’t have to agree with it, but I ask that you respect it. And I don’t know exactly what we’re deciding, it’s just something we’re praying about and discussing right now. But I don’t think it’s something that should be so upsetting either.
    I’m not cancelling Christmas or burning our Christmas tree. I just want to make sure our Christmas, as Christians, is purposefully different than non-Christians and I’m not sure it is right now.

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