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I’m so thrilled to have my first official guest post on Trusty Chucks–woohoo!  CarrieJo from Life of the Liles is stopping by to spread some Christmas cheer and I’m honored to introduce this fun lady to you.  Through some kind of God-has-funny-plans thing, Carrie and her family have shown up in our lives everywhere in the past year or so.  And the Graham family is proud to call them friends.


Hi there Trusty Chucks fans, I am CarrieJo from over at Life of the Liles! (this is embarrassing since we know Mary is a Language Arts teacher, but I just realized it was not “Trusty Chicks”… ha, I should read more carefully. . . as we tell our students!) I was super excited when Mary asked me to do a Christmas guest blog for her! She is always keeping me laughing with her blog! If you know me, I can be random, so I got a bit overwhelmed by the thought of a wordy Christmas blog. . . instead I will show you some Christmas for us in pictures.

‘Tis the Season!
We always start our holiday with an annual themed Christmas party with some of our closest friends. This year the theme was “Christmas Character.” Being honest, I had no idea how to pull this off without spending a lot of money and time (new baby, folks). :) So I stretched it a bit and I was Natalie from Love Actually. See the resemblance, eh? (It’s ok if you don’t, no offense taken!) Todd was Old Man Marley from Home Alone. We didn’t have a shovel so I tried to convince him to carry a rake but he refused. Ha!

Here are past years…

We hosted a onesie party. . . even our dogs were rocking them!

Classic ugly sweater party!
And of course with the holidays comes the Christmas tree! For the second year in a row I have decorated the entire tree, only to find that something just wasn’t right. This year that “something” that was missing was more ribbon. Instead of buying the classic Christmas ribbon (I already had silver from last year…that was last year’s “something”), I just cut strips of burlap and tied them together. I also threw the extra burlap around the base as a skirt. I got the idea from my friend Mindy. . . thanks lady!
We also kick off the winter season by having nightly fires in our fireplace. Nothing says holidays like a great fire!

And speaking of fires. . . one of my favorite gifts so far this year are these fireplace sachets. A great friend of ours made them and I loved how much thought she put in to the gift knowing that we love fires…and they smell great!


And speaking of gifts. . . I have made a ton of these babies this year! They are fun, inexpensive gifts. Click HERE to see my blog post on making my book wreath.

I have also had some fun baking this year. . . I feel like I don’t normally bake a lot for the holidays but with Christmas parties and having friends over for coffee, I feel like cookies are always a must! Now, my body disagrees as I am trying to lose this baby weight! (Fun fact. . .want to know a great motivational show to watch while running on the treadmill? The Victoria Secret Runway Show…I kept my run going for 45 minutes while I realized how I totally do not look even remotely like those girls…but it was motivating!)

These are a quick and easy holiday cookie! Bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies, spread some buttercream frosting in between, and roll in sprinkles. Taaaaddaaa, that’s it!
Another quick and easy gift this year that I have done is homemade hot chocolate.

I mixed nonfat dry milk, powdered sugar, Nesquik chocolate milk mix, french vanilla powdered creamer and topped the Ball jar off with some marshmallows. Yum!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday! And I will leave you with this…

(photo credit the fabulous Kaitlyn Meeks)

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