sangria christmas

Christmas started this weekend for the Grahams.  Chris’ mom and sister came over Saturday night for dinner, presents, and sangria (Mike is overseas with the Marines right now).  We’re trying to figure out a new family tradition for our Graham family Christmas and I think what we did this year was a good start.  Except for the part where 9:00 hit and we all just wanted to go to bed.  We were supposed to watch movies after the babes went to bed (I really need to get a viewing of Love Actually in before Christmas), but we ran out of steam.  Lame. 

You know it’s going to be a fun evening when, before everyone arrives, Chris describes the water coming out of our faucet as “wet” and, while sitting in the living room with our pretend fire on the TV, he tells me that it’s making the room hot.  Neither of these were jokes.  And that, folks, is why I think my husband is the funniest person in the world.  For things like that.

Harper received the softest, cutest little doll from Mawmaw.  I’m hoping this is the stuffed animal she becomes attached to and carries with her everywhere.  I know it never works out like that so if Harper doesn’t claim it, I’ll have to start sleeping with it.  It’s that soft.

DJ Elliott Quinn.  This present was a big hit.  The best part about the gift?  Headphones.

This was a perfect way to start the holiday madness.  Cheers!

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