Scratch that and a break

Yesterday’s Thai Beef Crock Pot recipe ended up being kung pao beef instead.  When I went to buy the ingredients I needed, I just headed to the Wal-Mart by our house.  Which I realized was a mistake as soon as I walked in and remembered that Wal-Mart’s international section consists of three shelves about two feet long.  And they didn’t carry peanut satay sauce.  Boo.  I normally grocery shop at Meijer, but Wal-Mart was on my way home and I thought I was saving time.  So once at Wal-Mart, I grabbed some kung pao sauce instead. 

It cooked all day, made the house smell delicious, and wasn’t too bad.  I will try it again when I have the right sauce though because it seemed a little bland and I’m assuming that was due to the lack of peanut satay.  Although that basmati rice was amazing.  I’ve only bought white or brown rice and didn’t realize what a difference that rice made.  It was good enough to eat by itself when normal, white rice isn’t something I would eat plain.  Chris said it tasted like the rice at P.F. Chang’s and that rice is scrumptious.  So next time I’m at Meijer, I’ll grab the correct ingredients and do Thai beef the right way.

Today should be the fourth day of Crock Pot cooking, but days two and three have produced so much leftovers that I need to take a break so we can catch up on all the food I’ve made.  So Saturday is a day of rest for my Crock Pot.  It’s been working hard, made us some good food, and I think it deserves it.  Plus, I hate throwing out food or wasting so we just need to eat some leftovers today.  He’ll have Sunday off too since we always have lunch with my family after church and then Sunday night we just snack instead of have dinner (Chris and I anyway, Ellie and Harper eat dinner because we’re just good parents like that).

But have no fear, Monday’s Crock Pot meal is already planned and ready…I know you can hardly contain your excitement. 

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