snapshot: Harper Kimery

-Dada! Mama!  She’s yelling these things all the time.  Or screaming jibberish at Elliott.  I’m not sure she knows what she’s saying, but she is sure confident about it.

-She crawls! Harper started crawling on Monday; all lopsided and wobbly.  It’s just as fun to watch the second one figure it out as it was the first one. 

-Raspberries. Raspberries. And more raspberries.  While she’s eating, while she should be sleeping, while we’re playing, while she’s rolling around on the floor.  Raspberries.

-Toys: her favorite toy is a Melissa and Doug worm that we keep in the van.  She also likes Scout the Singing Dog that we keep in her crib.  We have to take it out when she goes to bed though or she’d stay up all night playing with it.  All night.  I’m serious.

-That hair is still out-of-control.  It’s just getting longer and crazier.  I’m no hair stylist, but I don’t think a trim would make things any better.  She’s just bound to have Lyle Lovett hair.

-Eat your face.  If Harper could write, that is what would be at the top of her to-do list every day.  It’s her favorite past time and she doesn’t discriminate, she’ll just eat your face. 

-Harper has started grinding her teeth.  And I don’t know about you, but this sound makes my skin crawl–I can not stand it.  And she’s doing it all the time, I think just because she knows it drives me crazy.  Sneaky.

-A little Johnny Jumper.  Ellie hated that thing, but Harper loveloveloves it.  It was also my favorite toy when I was her age, so I’m glad she’s carry on the tradition of jumping (and spinning and crashing).

 Drool-covered, fuzzy-headed Harper in her activity saucer.  And the longest eyelashes in the world.

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