Success and Thai Beef

The rotesserri-chicken-that-wasn’t-a-whole-chicken-incident did not turn out bad at all.  Maybe I went a little heavy on the spice mix, because a couple times Ellie said her mouth was burning, but overall it was good, it really did taste like a rotesserri chicken from the store, and everyone had seconds.  Successful meal.
But today is a new day so the pressure to make something delicious is back.  And my CrockPot is currently working on “The Most Simple Thai Beef CrockPot Recipe in the Entire World.”  No, really, that’s what it’s called.  See?
I’m not venturing too far in my search for receipes using the same website for today and yesterday’s dinner, but I promise tomorrow I’ll go somewhere else for inspiration.  Also, with this recipe, I had to go buy a few things at the store.  I didn’t have Thai sauce, coconut milk, or basmati rice on hand.  I’m predicting that this will be a big hit with Chris.  Verdict tomorrow…

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