While I was out having dinner with a friend last week (all part of the plan for 2012), a woman knocked on our door.  At 8:15 at night.  In the dark.

I’m know I would not have answered that knock if I was home alone.  I am pretty sure that at any given time there are between two and five murders lurking in my neighborhood just waiting to kill me.  I’m also sometimes afraid of my basement, but that’s for another time.  Or my therapist.

The lady introduced herself and told Chris her and her family used to live in this house (our house) in the eighties.  And then she handed over the original blueprints to the house saying she thought we might like to have them. 

He asked her in and she took a look around the living room and kitchen (which has changed the most out of all the rooms) and commented that the whole house was carpeted when she lived her and she had no idea there were such nice, hardwood floors underneath.

After talking with her, Chris made the connection that he had graduated high school with this lady’s daughter and used to be good friends with her.  It’s a small world (after all).  And the circle of life.  And any other Disney phrase that you can think of. 

(Warning: these pictures aren’t good.  But by now, if you’ve been with me very long, that is what you have come to expect and I just don’t want to let you down.  It would break my heart.)

(Above and below: plans for the kitchen cabinets and the basement stairs.)
(Above and below: the white is the original house plan and then someone, before they finished building, changed the plans [in orange].)
In the original plans there were no his-and-her closets in the master bedroom like we currently have.  One closet was supposed to be a coat closet and where our current coat closet is, there was going to be a hallway leading to the kitchen.  I like that idea.
We also learned that Chris’ closet is one foot wider than mine.  I said we should trade.  He said no way.  So I’ve planned the move for sometime next week.
Having these plans show up on our front steps one day (umm, literally) is something I had never thought about.  But now that we have them, I spend way too much time staring at them.  I wonder about who built this house, all the people that have lived in it before us, and what they would think of the changes we’re making. 
I hope they would be proud. 
And stop by for a look around if they’re in the neighborhood.

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