Lord Crawley

(corduroys: Kohls, shirt: thrifted, sweater: H & M, shoes: Kohls)

I caved to the peer pressure.

I think the final straw was reading all about it in US Weekly  while at the gym last week.

And if it’s in US Weekly, that means I need to get on the bandwagon immediately or get left behind.

So I got on the bandwagon.

I started watching Downton Abbey on PBS.

And I’m already hooked.  I was at school yesterday trying to figure out how I could avoid all responsibilities when I got home (like making dinner, playing with my children, talking to my husband, etc.) so that I could lock myself in our bedroom and watch another five or six episodes.  I realize this is not healthy or helpful, but it is true.

The bad news is that season two’s finale was on Sunday night so I really need to pace myself so I don’t have to wait months without an episode.

But the truth is, I’ll probably get caught up with both seasons by this weekend. 

Sleep be damned.


  1. says

    I’m watching the first season on Netflix and hoping that the second one is on Hulu or I might die. Definitely worth staying up until 1:00 AM last night watching–you’ll love it, I promise!

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