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This is one of the books I got for Christmas and the first one I read.  I could not wait to read this after all the positive reviews I had heard and it did not disappoint.

Bossypants by Tina Fey is the best book I’ve read in a long time and I’m not a big fan of autobiogaphical stuff.  I like fiction a lot more, but this book was so sharp and funny that when I got to the last page, I immediately wanted to start reading it again.  And if I didn’t have people that were asking to borrow it, I probably would have. 

I don’t remember ever laughing out loud so much when reading a book.  I would just be reading along and then bam! something funny or sarcastic or random would come out of the blue, catch me completely off guard, and send me into giggling fits.  This happened so much that Chris decided he needed to read the book also.  But then I passed it along to one of said people waiting to borrow it and it’s not back yet. 

Beside being hilariously funny, there were also really touching parts.  When Tina writes to her daughter about her wishes for her, it’s both funny and heartbreaking.  And exactly what I would tell my daughter if I was that good at writing.

Read this book.  And then pass it along to someone else.  It’s worth sharing.


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    New one for your list–The School of Essential Ingredients. It’s by Erica Bauermeister–I read it this week, I couldn’t put it down, it’s really, really excellent!

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    I’ll look for it–thanks! I almost mentioned your comment about your husband making you leave the room when you were reading in my review. It made me laugh so much.

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    Suggestion! Check out the audiobook at the library. It’s read by Tina Fey. Perfect for a second read! She had me laughing all commute long.

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    Confession: I’ve never listened to an audiobook before, but Fey would be a good intro, I’m sure. I’ll look for it this week–thanks!

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