dang shadows

(skirt: Old Navy, shirt: Target, belt: Kohls, sandals: Target, ring: NY & Co., necklace: gift, clutch: thrifted)
Spring break is exhausting…a first birthday party, a quick trip to Ohio for an anniversary party, painting trim, painting doors, spring cleaning, working in the yard, thrifting, cooking/baking, refinancing our house, working on photo walls, shopping, cleaning out, painting, painting, and painting.  And it’s only the third day. 
We’re on such a roll that I’m slacking on the blog front for a bit–but don’t worry, I’m taking lots of pics and have some cra-zay stories to share. 
Good thing I get two weeks off so I can recover from this first week of our extensive to-do list.  Whose idea was this anyway??

pleated poppy
Momma Go Round


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