everybody everywear

(dress: Old Navy, sweater: Target, belt: thrifted, wedges: T.J. Maxx)
The bad news is we only had one good snow worth playing in. 
The good news is Elliott can get plenty of use out of the boots this summer.  She wore them last night when we went shopping in 75 degree weather.  I love that she’s starting to make her own choices of attire. 
And I like it even more that they’re snow boots and shorts.
This weather has also called to the little one.  She’s rockin’ shorts and letting her chubby thighs out in all their glory.  I can’t stop pinching them. 
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  1. says

    oh my goodness, i love chubby baby legs! im the same with my 18month old son, i just want to kiss those little lovely legs!
    you look fab by the way, the yellow floral dress and green cardi? Super gorgeous! makes me want some sun!
    Rachel x

  2. says

    I never would have thought to pair it with a green sweater and it looks amazing! So cute and I’m rather jealous…yours doesn’t look nearly as wide in the neck as mine is. Oh Old Navy, always so consistent!

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