holy mother of rummage

Among other things, spring means the return of my favorite rummage sale. 
The Catholic church in our town holds a sale every March (and again in August).  Parish members donate items to help raise money for the school.
And while I’m not Catholic, I do love a good cause so I make it a point every sale to try to find something to buy.
It’s never very hard. 
Here are some of the things I’ve been forced to buy for the sake of the school children:

 Vintage children’s books, the complete set.  I use them as decoration in Harper’s room.
Wall decor: they were an orangey-brown wood that I spray painted white and hung above the bed.  I’m not a big fan of headboards.
Old soda crates (7UP and Pepsi) that I use to hold plants and all our remotes in the living room.  I was especially giddy when I bought these crates.  I paid $1 for both.  Even a year later, I still can’t believe that happened.
The kindergarten class got new furniture so they sold the old, solid wood little chairs for $1 a piece.  I bought two of them at a sale before Ellie was born, painted them green, and we’ve used them in different spots in the house ever since.  Currently, this one is sitting in Ellie’s room with her vanity that she uses to hold her piano for jam sessions and dance parties.
Ugh, these chairs.  Chris bought them for his music room downstairs.  They were brand new circa-1970 and someone finally redecorated and decided to get rid of them.  Bless their little hearts.  I think Chris paid $10 for the set.  He loves them in all their green and brown glory.  They’re in the basement so I don’t really have to see them which works out well for me.
The next sale is on Saturday.  I can’t wait. 
I’ve also picked up tons of books for my classroom and games for the girls. 
Oh, and they sell donuts while you shop.
The excitement is overwhelming.


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    Lori–she is the coolest kid ever. We don’t do girly well, but we throw one heck of a dance party!

    Becky–come! Saturday morning in the Grove. Text me if you want to meet us.

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