That’s supposed to be a shout-out to Pinterest, but sort of looks like perspiration.  So this is either a post about pinning or sweat, guess you’ll have to stick around to find out.  (Who’s hoping it’s sweat???)

Okay {dramatic pause}, it’s Pinterest. 

I pinned an Easter wreath from Electically Vintage (LOVE this blog) because I thought it was something I could make fairly easy and quick.  Plus, I don’t really own Easter decorations and have wanted something to hang on the front door.  Sounds easy enough, right?


I accidentally bought the chicks instead of the rabbits (which bummed me out because I like the rabbits better…apparently I need to pay better attention while shopping) and the instructions on the website said insert a toothpick and then push in the Peep.  Mine didn’t stick once I held the wreath up so I had to take them off and hot glue them back on.  A little more time consuming than I planned, but in the end it turned out well.

I had the wreath and ribbon already, so I just had to buy the (70) Peeps which means I spent $7 total for this Easter wreath.  According to comments on the original blog post, I don’t need to spray it with anything, they’ll harden on their own and should last a couple years if I wrap it in plastic when I store it.  Which makes me glad I don’t like Peeps.

The only downside was I used every single one of them and Ellie was highly disappointed that she couldn’t eat a Peep.  So it looks like I’m going to have to buy some more.  Maybe I’ll get the rabbits this time.


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    Hi Mary! Found your blog and thought I’d say hi! LOVE the idea of the Peeps wreath! That is so cute! I might have to do that! Yours turned out cute! I think you’re right though the bunnies would be really cute. But hey it made for a cute project still right?

    A Day in the Life Blog

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