spring break to-do

That title implies something fun.  That would be misleading.

Friday is my last day of school before spring intercession (well, okay, that is fun).  More commonly known as spring break, but since we’re on an almost-year-round calendar without the official title, we get two weeks off.  It is pretty amazing. 

Chris hates school breaks because I have all these grand ideas and projects for us to do while I’m home. I don’t let that bad attitude stop me though.  It’s key to a good marriage to not listen to anything your spouse says.

Here’s the list for break:

-see the Hunger Games tomorrow night for March date night with my husband (woohoo!)
-write wills and take them to the lawyer (opposite of woohoo!)
-paint more trim (goal of our bedroom and the living room done before I return to school)
-zoo, Children’s Museum, Monkey Joe’s, library, and the park (multiple times if possible)
-read, read, read
-continue spring cleaning
-spend a morning (and possibly an afternoon) at school getting caught up ahead
-make my thrift store rounds at least once
-finally finish the photo wall in the living room (that might have been started last May. . .)
-start (and finish!) photo wall in the hallway
-daily trips to the gym or long family walks
-be three pounds lighter when I return to school
-dig a trench and install drainage on the north side of our house (Chris, not me…)
-spend a day thrifting with this girl who’s working on getting healthy and needs some new, fun clothes
-new recipe everyday for a week
-what we eat project (more on that later)

Now that I read that list, I see why Chris doesn’t want me at home.  Too bad, sucka. 

Bring on the vacation.


  1. says

    I’m soooooo excited to go thrifting with you!!!!!!!!!! I’m now in the 170’s so hopefully I can find some great stuff with your awesome sauce self!

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