warrior curls

I’m all about lazy hair. 
It’s like my thing. 
So when my friend/hairdresser Jessica raved about these amazing curls you can get from sleeping in a headband with damp hair, I was willing to try because it sounded easy.  She and her sister (who is currently living for a year in an RV with her family and documenting their cool adventure–make sure you check it out) started doing them recently and were hooked.
Here’s the tutorial I watched to learn the scoop:

It seemed easy enough. 
I grabbed a thicker knit headband than they recommended and went to rolling.  (Yes, I’m purposefully cropping my face out–it was like 11:00 at night after a shower and things were not at their best.) 
The next morning it looked like this:
Obviously, I sleep on my right side.  I’m a pretty violent active sleeper (just ask my husband) and surprised it looked this good after a night’s sleep.
Once unrolled from the headband, it was pretty curly.
 The right side less curlier than the left because of all that fell out while I was sleeping.
I was worried at first about how to do my hair with all these curls.  I felt like a cross between a Toddlers and Tiara kid and a Hee Haw performer (did I just show my age with that second reference? No, okay, cool). I didn’t really know what to do with it at first so there was a lot of standing in front of the mirror and staring.  I eventually decided to pull it half up to calm down the fluff and make it less big.  I brushed out some of the curl and pinned it back.
(wearing this yellow/green dress again but without the sweater and different jewelry.)
The Verdict:
-I need a tighter headband to hold my hair in (I have a lot of hair).
-The rolling was really easy. While watching the video, I doubted my rolling abilities, but it really was not hard at all (this coming from someone with no hair styling abilities).
-I need to be more consistent with the amount of hair I grabbed to roll.  It made a big difference in the curl size and was kind of all over the place because I was just grabbing sections haphazardly.
-I blew dry my hair and left it just slightly damp before rolling it.  Jessica lets hers air dry and the video just says spritz it with water but that wouldn’t have been enough for my thick hair.
-I’ll do this again.  Success!  It wasn’t time consuming, wasn’t hard, and made me look like I did my hair like a fancy person.  And for this lazy-hair person, that is major.
What do you think? Have you tried this before?  Did it work?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. says

    I’m so proud of you! I noticed you wrapped yours opposite around the headband. I”m going to try it that way also. Headband curls coming my way tonight. I usually like them better the second day (not so in your face).

  2. says

    I didn’t even realize I did it the opposite way-ha! But I did think it was an odd look to sport around town like your sister was…so that makes sense now.

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