and then we painted things white and it took a lot longer than I expected

Our house.  Old, but we love it.

One thing we don’t really love is all the orange-y wood trim and doors.  So we started painting it.  We chose the living room and kitchen to begin since technically it would be the least amount of work.  The trim in the kitchen is already white except the places around the doors (I’m not sure who thought that would be a good look).  In the living room, the baseboard trim is white, but everything else is still wood.  So logically those areas would be the best place to start.

But really, any place is a bad place to start when painting trim as long as I’m concerned because it is really time consuming.

This is the best “before” picture I have.  The living room closet door is on the left, the smaller right door is the pantry door in the kitchen and then the larger right door framing the pantry door is the doorway leading from the kitchen to the living room.  Just picture a larger orange door and that’s what was hanging there.  Chris got all eager-beaver on me and took it down before I took a picture.  I originally thought that door shouldn’t be there at all, but since we’ve had kids, we use it frequently.  So for now it stays (in a perfect world, I’d enlarge the opening between the kitchen and the living room, but that project is for another time).

And then we painted.  I did the trim (3+ coats on each) while Chris tackled the doors.

We had the doors down for about two weeks.  We were done painting sooner than that, but I could not decide on hardware.  In the end, we went with oil rubbed bronze door knobs and hinges.  The deciding vote was Young House Love.  They did a couple tutorials on spray painting gold hardware with the oil rubbed bronze and it looked really sharp against the white.  So oil rubbed bronze it is. 

(above: before knobs and below: after knobs)

We haven’t drilled a hole in the new French door yet.  The door came primed but we had to paint it, peel off plastic from each windown (that took for-e-ver), and then chisel openings for the hinges.  It was quite the ordeal and Chris barely survived.  So we’re letting it cool off before he drills a hole for the door knob.
Speaking of doors, we also painted the basement door that is located on the other side of the kitchen.  The back side, facing the stairs went white, and the side facing the kitchen became a chalkboard.
Chris primed it with three coats of magnetic paint and then two coats of chalkboard paint.  It’s a big hit with the three year old.  It doesn’t hold magnets as well as I had hoped, but it’s a great place for notes, lists, and (the bottom half) artwork.

I planned on getting more painting done over spring break, but this is all we did (plus the front door and trim).  We need to re-paint the trim in the kitchen and then finish up the windows in the living room.  It’s time consuming, but it looks so much better white so we’ll just keep at it.  Maybe plan on having the whole house done by the time summer is over, by the end of July.  Maybe.


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    I’m hoping Ellie’s at the age where she knows the right and wrong place to draw…we went through the color-on-everything stage right before she turned two. That was a fun time!

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