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I pretend to be quite the philanthropist.

But I think in my head I’m a lot better person than in reality.

I mentor kids! (It might be part of my job, minor detail.)  I donate to our community’s food pantry! (Things that we no longer want or need.)  Yesterday I picked up a pregnant lady from the side of the road and gave her a ride! (Except when you hear the details it sounds more creepy than helpful: I was alone with an empty minivan and she was almost to her destination so my four-minute ride didn’t probably have any impact on her life.) 

But Chris and I have always talked about setting an example for our kids about giving.  We talk about tithing.  We had long conversations at Christmas about helping others.  But we still don’t do as much as we could.

And then I came across this on a blog I read. (Have you ever read Erin’s blog, Living in Yellow, before?  And I like her.  Also, she stalks Giuliana Rancic which I find quite humorous.)  Using inspiration from the Shine Project (which I’ve known about for well over a year but somehow never done anything about…), she decided to take action.

Currently she’s organizing her second annual clothes drive that goes to help three different girls organizations in her hometown (Goshen, Indiana).  She collects a bunch of donations (clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc.) and then the girls get to “shop” all the stuff for things they need.  And she was hitting up people to donate.  And while I don’t know where Goshen is, I know through things she’s talked about that it can’ be that far from Indianapolis (where I live).  So I’m cleaning out my closets this weekend.  And I know that in my giant garage sale pile in the basement, I’ve got a trash bag or two of stuff that can go also.

So I’m throwing this out for all my local friends to start spring cleaning their closets this weekend also.  Because I’ll be emailing you later about it.  And I felt a heads up was only polite.

Have a great weekend, friends!
Maybe get out and serve someone this weekend.

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