i only write lists so i can mark things off later

I’ve been back in school since Monday and felt it was time to revisit my spring break to-do list and see what (if anything) I really accomplished while on vacation.  Drum roll please…

-see the Hunger Games tomorrow night for March date night with my husband (woohoo!)  check!

-write wills and take them to the lawyer (opposite of woohoo!) didn’t even start

-paint more trim (goal of our bedroom and the living room done before I return to school) sort of check (here’s what we did)

-zoo, Children’s Museum, Monkey Joe’s, library, and the park (multiple times if possible) worst time ever to go to these places…too many people, too many people.

-read, read, read I didn’t read as much as I wanted to (I never do) but I got two books done–more about those tomorrow!

-continue spring cleaning ugh, yes, I cleaned (here’s some of what I did)

-spend a morning (and possibly an afternoon) at school getting caught up ahead  check

-make my thrift store rounds at least once oooh, yes, check! (some finds here)

-finally finish the photo wall in the living room (that might have been started last May. . .) I want to add three more picture frames, but I did work on this during break and so I get to mark it off anyway.  It’s my list and I do what I want.

-start (and finish!) photo wall in the hallway definitely started…not finished

-daily trips to the gym or long family walks not nearly enough

-be three pounds lighter when I return to school um, I forgot about this one…and I don’t know how much I weighed when break started, but I just weighed myself on Tuesday and I haven’t gained any weight recently so not a fail either. (always looking on the bright side!)

-dig a trench and install drainage on the north side of our house (Chris, not me…) FAIL.

-spend a day thrifting with this girl who’s working on getting healthy and needs some new, fun clothes  checkcheckcheck (Becky blogged about our trip here)

-new recipe everyday for a week Yep.

-what we eat project (more on that later) same things as above (see week one) and week two comes tomorrow

Not a total wash, but I can pretty much turn any situation into a positive (or just use denial–I’m good at that one too) so I think my break was good overall.  It just makes me more excited for summer, if that is even possible.  I can’t wait to see the list I come up for that vacation.

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