probably wearing these pants for the first and last time

 (shirt: thrifted, skinnies: Kohls, belt: Marshalls, sandals: Target, bracelets & sunglasses: Target)
Impromptu date night where the girls, both of them, spent the night at my parents’ house.
This is the first time Harper has ever been away from us.  
Not because I have separation issues.  Ellie spent the night away from us for the first time at 3 months.  I missed her, but not that much.
Harper is a year old and just now had the pleasure of leaving us.  It was glorious.  We got to leisurely stroll through Target, went to dinner with friends (and got to sit for hours! and just talk!), and went grocery shopping at midnight.  It was thrilling and I kept thinking did we used to do stuff like this?  No way.
It felt dirty and, oh, so right.
We took these pictures in my parents’ yard before jumping in the car van for our evening out.  
That creek behind me was the source of endless fun as a child.  Summers spent catching minnows and crawdads.  And during a drought, a race track and ramp for our Big Wheels.  During the winter, we spent hours sliding around on the ice or sledding down the banks.  
So just a little shout-out to that creek, you were very good to me. 


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