there was a lot of thrifting while I was on vacation

My favorite sale of the season was about a week ago and I believe it was the best yet.  Even dragging along two small children and way too much stuff I survived and, dare I say, triumphed.

I spent $22.  Confession: I have a weakness for little kid chairs.  That chair was only $2 and adorable so I bought it.  I think that brings the little kid chair total in the Graham house to…fifteen.  But saying you have a problem is the first step, so there’s that.
Some of the stuff has already been integrated into our house.
I only picked up the small dish on the left and one of the candle holders for my collection, but they felt lonely having their picture taken by themselves.
I spray painted the antelope and camel figurines with a flat white paint and they’re now posing regally on the bookshelf in the living room.
The mail holder is working its magic on the side of the hutch in the kitchen. 
Used as Easter decoration last week, the glass jars will come back to life as something else soon (unintentional Jesus reference for ya–you’re welcome).
The next few things aren’t from the sale, but from other rummage sales or thrift shops I visited while on spring break.  I feel I need to say that sometimes I can go to ten different thrift stores and find nothing to buy and then other times it’s hard to not buy everything.  The latter is how the past two weeks were.
Vintage books and a glass jar sitting on top of my refrigerator now.
Vintage clock radio for the bedroom shelf.
This isn’t newly purchased, but as we repaint the doors and trim we’re updating the hardware.  And while some of it has been updated at some point in the 50-odd years of our house, many of the pieces are original.  And while I don’t want to reuse them, I don’t think throwing them away is fair to the house (yes, my house has feelings).  So I’m using an old jar to display them on the living room bookshelf.  They’re not all going to fit though, so I might have to come up with another plan the more we paint.
Whew, that’s a lot of pictures. And, truthfully, there’s more, but I’ll save those for another time. 
I’m glad to be back since my little last-minute break.  When I’m not on a schedule, I’m horrible at writing.  So now that I’m back in school today, I’ll be back to posting regularly (and catching up on all the half posts I started while on vacation).  I thrive on a schedule and those two weeks were fun, but definitely not scheduled. 
What do you think of my finds?  Did you find any neat thrift store stuff while out recently?  My favorite is the clock radio.  I got that little dude for a $1 and like to sit on my bed and stare at him.  Yes, stare at him.


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      That’s a good idea–maybe find some old salvaged barn wood or something. I’m not sure where I’d put it, but that’s not really important. I buy things all the time with no idea where to them. :)

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