two birds with one stone

(dress: Old Navy [like the one I wore here, just a different pattern], belt: thrifted, wedges: J.C. Penny, sunglasses, bracelet. and ring: Target, nail polish: Sallie Henson Mint Sorbet)

The major feat with those wedges is that I made it through a ten-hour day with them…and only regretted the last hour or so. 

They made me freakishly tall.  Like at least 6’2″ but maybe more.  Which gave a couple of my students a complex because I literally had to lean down to talk to them.  What did you say little person? Let me bend down so that I can hear your pathetic little whispers.  Don’t worry, you’ll grow eventually. Maybe.

I’ve decided to let the bangs grow.  Last time I got them trimmed I did not set another appointment with the intention of letting those bad boys growgrowgrow.  Now, as they get to the almost-time-to-cut-them stage, I’m starting to regret my decision.  Also, regretting that I haven’t had my eyebrows done in a while because my bangs were acting as a cover that is going to be blown soon.

And that is it.  Normally I have non-appearance related things to say with a what-I-wore post but I’m out of words.  This might be a first.  Do not fear, I’m sure I’ll think of something soon enough.

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      They have this dress right now at Old Navy–I got it a month or so ago, but I saw it online just last week. And it was on sale! Woohoo!

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