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A couple years ago, a co-worker told me that she couldn’t imagine me in a wedding dress.  It was implied that because I was such a lazy dresser that the idea I picked out a pretty dress, had someone do my hair, and then got married sounded far-fetched.  This was not insulting.  It was very true.

Times have changed.  I mostly take showers before work.  And I use a hair dryer.  It’s almost like I’m a supermodel. Almost.

Anyway, I did get married one time.  About five and a half years ago. And I wore a dress.


My first husband. Just kidding.
Our wedding party.  Specifically shared so that Jeremy could be on Trusty Chucks like requested.  Apparently, I take requests.
Our reception at the amazing, historical Stutz Building downtown Indianapolis.
These girls. Only in high school when I got married.  Now grown ups.  What beautiful women they’re turning into.  Just don’t tell them I said that.  It would ruin my rep.
So there, I did it. Got married. Wore a dress. Got my hair did.  Although, I didn’t wear shoes. I decided early on that I would be walking down the aisle barefoot.  I felt most wedding shoes were ugly (I still think they are), so I got married sans shoes.  I would do it again if given the chance.
That dress was number two, actually.  I bought one, had it altered, and then decided it wasn’t for me and bought another one.  I sold the original one about a year later on eBay, so it wasn’t a total loss.  So not only did I buy one fancy dress for my wedding, I bought two. 
This random wedding day post is for What I Wore Wedding Edition with Absolute Mommy.  Check out other wedding day stories at her website.

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    I love the colors! I also loved your hair and the back of the dress. I had a dream about wedding dresses the other night and in it I had a dress with a back like that. Apparently, I was renewing my vows for my ten year anniversary… which is 5 years away!

    stopping by from the link-up.

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    haha! barefoot is awesome. I didn’t quite go that route, but I did wear flats! No way was I going to make it through an entire day in heels {plus my hubby only has a couple inches on me anyways :P} LOVE your hair – so perfect.

    • says

      I think subconsciously that was part of my reason too. My husband is probably only an inch taller than me and no one wants to be taller than their husband on their wedding day!

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