who made this mess?

I’d like to say week one of spring break was spent laying on the couch watching TV, playing outside, reading books, and take long walks on the beach around our neighborhood.  But it was actually busy and exhausting.  Home improvement projects and spring cleaning took up the majority of the week (although, truth be told, I did take time out to go shopping and thrifting).  What is some of the exciting stuff I did?  Well, I’m glad you asked…


Our basement.  I love it, but it’s basically just a giant playroom with a couch.  It is the most ignored place in the house and the only thing we’ve done down there since moving in four and a half years ago is paint the wood paneling.  That’s it.  It needs so much work that I get overwhelmed just looking at it.  It is also the only room in the house that doesn’t always get cleaned up when we’re done playing.  It’s too easy to go upstairs and shut the door.  So it needed a major cleaning (toys put away, dusting, sweeping, sorting toys for trash and garage sale, clean out craft table stuff, etc.). 

It took only about an hour and a half, but it seemed like forever.  The above pictures were taken about ten minutes into the clean up so you don’t get the full effect with every couch cushion/pillow in the middle of the floor.  Ellie’s favorite hobby is to throw everything in a giant pile on the floor and then bomb-dive from pieces of furniture into the pile.  Harper has started throwing herself on them too.  It’s actually quite funny to watch.  Not safe, but funny.

I probably would have been done a lot faster if my little “helper” had taken a longer nap.  Damn you, ear infections.
I then had the pleasure of washing all the curtains in the house and wiping down the doors.  Apparently, those were filthy.  Who knew?  I blame this little girl (and the dog) for the majority of the door dirt.  Good thing she’s cute.
We’ve also been painting interior doors and trim.  I choose all the best projects for vacations.  This week I get to vacuum all the furniture, clean out the refrigerator, and wash the windows.  Just call if you want to get in on that action. 

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