come on over.

(news: my camera is officially dead and I’m borrowing my dad’s until we get a new one.  Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to make the date stamp turn off…so no matter how much it’s bugging me [a lot], some of these pictures have the date on them.  I’m sorry.  Super-tacky but I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT STOP.)
If you were coming to visit us today, you’d have to drive down a one-way street that people often drive down the wrong way.  And if you happened to drive down it the wrong way, all the neighborhood kids would yell at you as you went by. But if you’re heading the right way, you’d pass Danielle and Madeline’s house (Ellie’s friends) and probably see Charlie mowing his grass (he mows it about every other day).  Then you’d come to our house. 
A three bedroom, one and a half bath 1950’s bungalow with a detached two-car garage.  It’s quaint and cozy.
You’d come to the side door, not the front, because that’s the one we use all the time.  And since you’re a friend, not a guest, you’d just walk in without knocking.  There might be naked kid running around inside, but you’d be okay with that.
You’d walk directly into our kitchen where we’d sit at the table, catch up on each other’s lives, have a drink (Diet Mt. Dew or a margarita if it’s hot out), and talk about books we were reading and projects we’re working on.  How work is going and what vacations we’re dreaming about. 
(and since we’re good friends, I’m letting you see our dirty dishes)
We’d eventually end up in the living room where we’d continue chatting.  If it was late afternoon, we’d have to pull the curtains shut for about an hour or two because our house faces the west and that setting sun is blinding.  But around 8:00 things cool off and we’d open the blinds again for a couple more hours.
We’d sit in the living room until there was more yawning than talking going on.  Eventually, we’d call it a night and I’d turn the porch light on so you could make it the ten steps to your car safely.  My dog would run out to see you off and then I’d crawl into bed happy and content, the way I always feel after an evening with friends.  So filled up and blessed.  Thanks for stopping by.
(The rest of the  house is coming on the next post, I just felt this one was getting a little picture heavy…and I’m creating  suspense because I’m all about the drama.)


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    Such a cozy place. I feel like I am right at home just looking at your pictures!!! And, I must say, I love that Exit sign! So neat. :) And, I adore the yellow cabinet in your kitchen!!!

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    Gorgeous! I love your living room. It’s weird because a few years back, my husband and I considered buying a house that had a living room set up exactly like yours!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

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    I love your collection of pics in the living room! One day I’m going to have something similar. It’s a work in progress, right? Thanks for linking up!

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    What an adorable home!! This inspires me to start working on my own more, but it’s soooo overwhelming! I just got all new furniture…and I don’t even know where to start….for some reason my brain can’t comprehend the “one room at a time” idea and the whole house is a disaster!

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