things I would buy if we weren’t trying to pay off student loans like responsible adults

Café capri
Girls' tissue oxford dress
For Elliott Quinn: Tissue Oxford Dress
And speaking of shopping, I found this post about shopping at Forever 21 as an adult great.  Good rules to guide you through the {sometimes} mess of shopping there.  And I completely agree that their music is way too loud.  Apparently, I’m my mother now.  Great
P.S. Today I’m still recovering from our camping trip this weekend.  So that will have to wait until tomorrow.  It’ll be worth the wait, though, I promise. 


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    Uhm the title of this post says it all. I feel the same way except we’re still trying to get through school…One more year! Love all your finds by the way.

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    Reminds me of my pinterest board called Things I Will Be Buying When My Ship Comes In. It’s good to dream, right?
    On an unrelated note -Thank You!! for the 31 thermal tote. Pink is not a color I am typically drawn to, but I really like it with the addition of the neon green trim and the cute little pattern. It is so much prettier than what I was previously using for my lunch bag. Hooray for Trusty Chucks and Our Refection!

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