things you could live without knowing, but I’m telling you anyway

-Not to be completely dorky right now, but I got new pens at work yesterday and while getting ready this morning, I was excited to come to school and write with them.  Yes, I’m serious.  In my head, I was dreaming about my new pens.  Feel free to leave sarcastic comments below.

-My three year old, until last week, still slept with a pacifer.  We could not get rid of it.  There were lots of tantrums, crying, and screaming (from both Ellie and myself) so that I had given up the fight to get rid of it.  Then Chris took her to the dentist on Wednesday for a cleaning and they commented about her soon-to-be bucky teeth and that the permanent ones were starting to be effected.  That is when Chris Graham took charge of the paci situation and got rid of it.  It’s been a week now and after countdowns, charts, stickers, some setbacks, and lots of crying (mostly just Ellie this time), we have a three year old that sleeps without a paci.  So a new big kid bike is on the shopping list.  She deserves it.  Actually, we all deserve new bikes after this week.

-There are 20 days of school left. 

-We’re taking the girls camping in a few weeks.  We’ve reserved a camp site, Chris has aired out the tent, and I’ve started making packing lists.  This could go horribly wrong.  If anyone would like to talk us out of taking a one year old and three year old camping, please leave convincing arguments below.  Please.

-In class, I’m working on a poetry unit with my 7th graders.  Today I brought in Elliott’s book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, to teach repetition and rhythm.  If you have not read this children’s book before, I highly recommend it.  We used to check it out at the library all the time and then Ellie’s aunt Becky gave it to her as a birthday gift.  Good gift, Becky. I will be reading it with my mom voice to groups of 35 thirteen year olds.  I’m sure they’re going to love it.

-My friend Krissy is at the hospital right now pushing out a baby.  This makes three girls for her and her husband.  Fun, exciting, and scary all at the same time. 

-I’ve been hitting the gym most days after school recently which is why there is no what-I-wore post for Wednesday.  Also, my camera is dying after a tussle with a four year old where the four year old came out the victor.  I did have the money to buy a new, better one, but we’ve been putting off buying a new air conditioner for our rental property and the time has come to fork over almost $3000 for the new one.  And it is so painful I can hardly stand it.  Sometimes being a grown up sucks.

That is all.  Happy Wednesday.

2 Comments on things you could live without knowing, but I’m telling you anyway

  1. Jaimee
    May 3, 2012 at 1:41 am (2 years ago)

    I totally feel you on the new pens. There’s just something about a great pen! :) Great job ditching the paci! My almost 2 year old son sucks his thumb and I have no idea how to make him stop. I’m hoping he stops on his own soon..we’ll see! And we love chicka chicka boom boom! And you are right, sometimes being a grown up sucks!!

    • mary
      May 3, 2012 at 7:01 pm (2 years ago)

      I wish I knew what to do with thumb-sucking…but I’m barely surviving the whole paci thing. Sorry, but good luck! Also, can you talk me out of going camping?!?


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