what I’m wearing these days

Simple sandals. I bought these a couple weeks ago and have been wearing them non-stop ever since.  The seem to go with everything.  Mine are tan, not nude like in the picture, but I might need them in this color also.  Very tempting. 

Maxi skirts.  How I love thee.  I finally found a benefit of being tall, I can pull these bad boys off with a vengence.  I’ve been sporting them way too much recently.  To work, to church, to the park, to the backyard while laying out.  I have not found a situation to not wear one.
(I just found the one below online and will probably be buying it soon.  I lovelovelove the stripes.)
Chambray button down.  After I got over the initial shock of the jean shirt coming back, I tried one on and bought it immedaitely.  It’s true, they’re awesome.

 Isla Chambray Shirt - Quiksilver
Workout gear.  You know what keeps me motivated to go to the gym?  New workout clothes.  And so I get a little somethin’ somethin’ every couple of weeks to keep the juices flowing.  And this weekend I got some comfy new pants that made getting to the gym Monday a little easier.  You know what else makes getting to the gym easier?  Not having to go to work.  And that, my friends, will be in exactly 14 weekdays.  Not that I’m counting or anything.
ASICS Abby Active Pants
And the blogger bun.  Code name for “hair really high on top of your head.”  I like this tutorial a lot [and Sydney, in general, really], even though I don’t do it like she does.  A coworker refers to me as Marge Simpson when I wear my hair like this.  And yesterday I think I made it too tight because by the end of the day I had a massive headache and felt like my eyeballs might fall out.  Still worth it though.  (Also, wanting to try this look, but I never seem to have enough time.  I’ll let you know if that ever changes…)
Actually, looking back at those pictures, if you put that top, maxi skirt, and those sandals together with that bun, that would be my new every day look.  I wore it twice [in different combos] this weekend.  Try it, I promise you’ll love it and it’s beyond comfortable.  Just don’t call it a “jean shirt.”  Oh, the shame.  


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