where we lay our heads

Growing up, my parents loved spending Sunday afternoons going to open houses.  They always talked about moving some day, but it was more about seeing how other people lived, what they could do to their house, and dreaming about the future.  As kids, we loved being able to “claim” a room as ours and imagine moving to a new house.  I think that’s where I inherited my love of home.  Making a place yours.  Making a  space feel lived-in, cozy, and personal.  And that’s what I’ve tried to accomplish with our house.  It’s always a work in-progress.  Always a project underway or an improvement being started.  I like living in a state of constant improvement.  It keeps us on our toes. 

(again, that damn date stamp, sorry…and the project we’re working on now is painting trim and doors.  So if you checked out the kitchen and living rooms, those rooms have white trim and doors, but the bedrooms do not.  It is such a drastic improvement, I’m antsy to get the bedrooms finished.  And the goal is by August 1st.)

Elliott Quinn’s room. Age 3.

the hallway (photo wall is a work-in-progress)

Harper Kimery’s room. Age 13 months.
hallway and then our bedroom. Chris and Mary. Age: nunyourbusiness young at heart.

I’ve shown part of our basement and one of our completely-outdated bathrooms before.  There’s also a half-bath in Harper’s room that, while newer, is also in need of an update.
That’s our house. 
Most of the time, it’s enough.  Some days we dream of moving somewhere with more land, more bathrooms, and a laundry room not in the basement.  A bigger kitchen.  A fireplace.  The list goes on and on.  But we’re trying really hard to live our lives content with what we have (which is more than enough) and within our means.  We don’t struggle to pay bills in this house.  We get to travel, shop, eat out and live credit card free.  Chris is able to stay home with our girls.  Truly, we don’t need more.  We just have to remind ourselves of that every once in a while because our world says we should want bigger and better.  And we’re called to not live in the world.  No matter how tempting it is sometimes.  


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      Lacey–you’re alive! I’ve missed you.

      The paint is from Sherwin-Williams and it’s called Atmospheric (#6505). It’s a really light blue with a hint of gray in the right light. We love it, it’s very calming.

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      Thanks! It looks like it’d go well with our bed set.

      And, yes, I’m alive. Just barely it feels like. I’m burned out with all that’s going on in my neck of the woods. But we get to go home (to CA) for a vacation in a couple weeks. It’ll be nice. :)

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