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(If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that Friday afternoons are for book recommendations. Lately, I’ve been struggling with reading. And I don’t exactly know why, but I just can’t focus and read anything right now. Things have been hectic and rushed and I can’t find the time to just stop and read. Which completely bums me out. So I’m sharing a non-fiction, how-to book today. And next week, it’s a non-fiction book on fashion. Just bear with me, I’ll get back to novels, it’s just taking me a minute.)


I only got two books for Christmas this year.  Normally, I’d get a pretty nice stack to last me a couple months, but this year I didn’t. Although I’m not complaining since I got two pretty awesome books that put all other books to shame.

One of those is the new DIY Young House Lovebook. You read their blog, right? It’s awesome, inspiring, and helpful. I don’t read it daily, but when I do, I spend hours on their site. It’s that good. I’ve been following along with them on Twitter and Instagram as they did their book tour in the fall and couldn’t wait to get my hands on their book.

It was well worth the wait.

This book is just like their blog only I get to post-it note it and make lists right on the page. It is super-addicting.
I have a compulsion (that I would like to thank my mother for passing along) to always be redoing and updating my house: the decor, the paint, the furniture, the placement, etc. I could be happy moving furniture around my house all day. Actually, sometimes that is how I spend my days. Luckily, I married a guy that is good with physical labor because I keep him busy moving and building things. 
This book is full of great ideas–some I’ve seen before and some I haven’t–about how to show your home some love. And I love to love my home. I often get comments on our house posts and I feel like I need to do another home tour since so much has changed since last summer. I’m always changing and updating things. And this book is quite the enabler for an addict like me.
It’s got handy features telling you about how much a project should cost and how much time it will take. So you can pick something to do in an afternoon or something that will take all weekend. Some things I have marked to do:
-update our living room curtains with fabric and shower curtain rings/clamps
-get crazy with a shelf and turn the books around backward (crazy, right?!)
-finally add a headboard to our bed (actually, still going back and forth on this one, I really don’t like headboards for some reason)
-redo a dresser for the girls’ room
-chalkboard wine bottles
-faux fireplace (I’ve been trying to talk Chris into this one for a while…still a work-in-progress but soon he will see things my way, I’m just sure of it.)
And more, actually. This book has made me wish for a sick day to just create things. Not that I ever call in sick unless I’m really sick, of course.
This book will probably never make it onto my shelf because it will always be out somewhere sitting next to a project. And that’s the best kind of book, one that you never stop reading.


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