how to avoid awkward situations while teaching

It’s happened to most teachers: you’re using the world wide web to show your students some real-world learning, maybe you’re modeling a search engine, exploring a website as a class, or using YouTube to show an educational video, when off to the side, an advertisement for something inappropriate comes up. Lindsey Lohan shows the world how to hit rock bottom or Lose 15 pounds by Friday! with a picture of a scantily-clad women dancing around.

bing in the classroom 1

It’s when you least expect it that your class points out what everyone has been whispering about for the past minute. And then you rush to close out the browser or turn the projector off. Your class has never seen you move so fast (except for that time the kid started puking right near you and then you moved to the hallway faster than all the other kids…suckers). Ahh, the internet. A place where so much learning can take place, but also a place where there’s so much nonsense.

In an attempt to avoid those awkward situations, Bing has created Bing in the Classroom. An online resource for schools that helps students have a safe search engine, free from ads and adult material with an added level of privacy. So searching “women’s roles in World War II” (a topic some of my students are researching right now) wouldn’t automatically bring up ads generated by those search terms. And that’s really important to me as a teacher. Nothing is more frustrating than the distractions that come with having students search for something online. And taking away the ads while they search is always a step in the right direction.

So now teachers and students have a web-search program that will cut down on distractions and unnecessary or inappropriate advertisements: Bing in the Classroom.

And because Bing knows how powerful technology can be in a classroom, they’ve got this great Bing Rewards program that helps you earn Microsoft Surface tablets for schools. Just sign up with the school of your choice as a recipient and every time you search, you’ll earn points for your school! It’s like you’re giving back every time you search movie times or how to boil an egg (don’t pretend like you haven’t done that before…).


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