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This post was first published in October 2012 but is getting new life thanks to reFresh Friday.
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This weekend we visited Riley Days, an annual festival celebrating poet James Whitcomb Riley next door to my hometown.  It has become a tradition for Chris and I, but I also have memories of going as a child with my family or running around in the evenings with my friends.

And it never fails that when I head home (which really is not too far from where I live now) I become nostalgic and reflective.

I think about choices I have made, where I have ended up, and where I could have been. I think about grace and forgiveness.

I think about the messes I have made, the relationships that I treasure, and the things I wish for. I think about where we are going and where we have been. I think about love and loss and second chances.

And it is after all of those things that I understand what Elizabeth Kubler Ros means when she says “beautiful people do not just happen.”  Because this life can tear you down or build you up.  And it is not necessarily the things that happen to you that make you beautiful, but how you react to them. Because it is not about if something bad happens, it is more about when. How we respond to those times mark us and change us forever. They can make us beautiful or wear us out.

I want to have a beautiful life. I want all of this to be beautiful.

The most beautiful people I know have the richest stories.

Recently I’ve had the feeling that my story is starting a new chapter.  It’s scary and exciting.  The unknown makes me feel too vulnerable, but I’m trying to grow in spite of it. I’m sitting in the in-between and trying to find the beauty all around me.

I want to have a beautiful life. And I understand my story, my beautiful, isn’t done yet.

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