I finally gave in and signed up for Stitch Fix

Sometimes I can do it all.

Actually, I think I can do it all. In reality, I’m not. And I’m doing most of the things poorly, on top of not doing it all.

So I’ve been trying to figure out what needs to give. And while I really like to shop, I do not like to spend an afternoon dragging my kids around the mall while I try to get some new clothes.

I’m also very set in my ways so that I pretty much go to the same stores all the time. I don’t stray too far from the five or so places I’m used to, I am a creature of habit through and through. So the idea of someone else shopping for me and picking out things I will probably like and then sending them to me at home to try on sounds pretty enticing right now.

Enter Stitch Fix stage right.

I signed up and got my first box in May; they sent me a box full of clothes (and a beautiful purse!) to try on and decide what I liked. It was nice to have the clothes right there in my bedroom with me so I could figure out what I could get the most wear out of (still a major selling point for me when I’m shopping: how many ways can I wear this piece?). Once I had made my choices, I just packaged up the things I didn’t want and shipped them back to Stitch Fix in the postage-paid envelope.

It was almost too easy.

chevron maxi skirtchevron skirtchevron maxi skirt stitch fixchevron skirt from stitch fix

(skirt: Stitch Fix, t-shirt: Old Navy, sandals: Target [similar], necklace: Forever 21 [similar]) (Photos by Kaitlyn Meeks Photography)

I get to step out of shopping rut a little, shop from the comfort of my bedroom, and don’t have to drag my kids around the mall all afternoon. Because, let’s face it, shopping with kids is HARD.

I’d call this whole endeavor a win.

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? Go here to sign up!



  1. says

    I signed up,but will not get my first box until August. Did you find prices to be reasonable? And…how are you liking your super cute short hair cut? I am so tempted to cut mine.

    • mary says

      I had to wait about two months before I got my first order too. I was pretty bummed but it goes fast! I would say some of the things they send me are way too expensive for my Target and TJ Maxx taste, but I’m still getting things I like and would pay for. And I would describe myself as cheap. :) My hair: I love it now, but it took about two weeks. I just got it cut again and am officially sold on it and want to keep it short for a while, but I think I was in shock for a while. I say go for it! It will grow back…eventually. HA!

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