not everyone gets the school supply high

Around this time of year (ahem, back-to-school time), I start to wonder if I just became a teacher so I can have an excuse to spend every July buying tons of school supplies (ooh, new pens!) and days shopping for school clothes. Like my old ones wore out or I out grew them like a child. Or like a person that loves cookies a little too much. Okay, so it’s happened before. Don’t hate.

And while I’d like to think everyone feels this way about back-to-school shopping, I understand that for some, it’s a stressful time of year. School supplies aren’t exactly cheap (I just spent $54 to cover the kindergarten list, what the what?) and sometimes there’s just not enough in the bank account to get everything on the list. I see first hand what some kids come to school with on the first day and it’s not more than a new notebook and a few pencils.

So when I learned that Great Clips and Adopt a Classroom teamed up to help get supplies in classrooms for teachers and students, I wanted in. Because every kid should experience the joy that can only be found in a fresh box of crayons, a blank notebook just begging to be filled with words, and a brand new, sharp pencil with an unblemished eraser.

Be still my heart.

Great Clips It's Gonna Be Great

So here’s what you can do to help get supplies into the hands of teachers and students: check out this awesome classroom makeover and see how two teachers’ classroom needs were met and then download the Great Clips check-in app. It gets your name on the list before you get to the salon so you can save a little time plus every download means a donation to Adopt a Classroom. You know the kids are going to need a fresh new ‘do before school starts so why not ‘do some good in the process? (I AM SO CLEVER.)

Great Clips #GREATLIST

Last night I downloaded the Great Clips app and then we headed out to get Ellie a trim before kindergarten starts next week. That girl loves her some short hair so I finally gave in and cut it again. And knowing we were helping get some school supplies into the hands of kids that need them was just the icing on the haircut-cake. (Don’t think too much about that, it might make you gag.)


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