not a big pronoun crowd, are we?

Coincidentally, I was teaching pronouns when I wore this t-shirt to school. I thought I was so clever that it just happened to be worn on the right day and I could make a lesson out of my shirt. I am the world’s greatest teacher, I thought.

And then.

old navy you me ouiold navy worn jeansold navy print teeold navy how to wear

(t-shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Old Navy, purse: TJ Maxx [similar], shoes: Target [similar]) (Photos by Kaitlyn Meeks Photography)

My seventh graders thought it said “You, me, ow” and no matter how much I explained it, they didn’t get it and they didn’t think it was clever. There might even have been some eye rolling.

You know that joke that you think is just so funny and then you tell it and all you get is a polite chuckle and not the hearty belly laugh you were expecting?

Ya, that. But with a shirt.

Seventh graders are so lame.




  1. says

    As a high school librarian, I love getting book-related shirts. I have one that looks like an old stamped library card. I get called a nerd every time I wear it.

    Kids are a tough crowd, man.

  2. Brandi says

    I remember once, when my Mister was a soccer coach trying to come up with a team name for a bunch of 6 year olds. Not being the creative type, he threw the task over to the kids and team parents. My Mister, not on the liberal track in college, not really a reader or writer, came home one day to announce that on behalf of their son, a set of parents had recommended the name of “Soccer Tees”. He was, like, “WTH. This has nothing to do with soccer”? I know I laughed my butt off at that one. Get it? Soccer Tees/Socrates? Yeah. That probably went over about the same as your shirt, but just know that a few select folks might have chuckled. The kids settled on the Blue Dragons, because you know, six-year-old raging soccer players are fierce.

    • mary says

      I LOVE that team name! And I knew exactly what you were talking about! HA. I would have been all for that name. But, alas, six year olds just don’t get it. Kids are lame.

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