reversing sun damage with Dr. Brandt Laser FX

The truth is I love the sun. I love being outside, I love sitting by the pool reading a book, I love sun-kissed skin.

But as I get older, I’ve had to take a little break from my love affair with the sun. It’s been a painful separation, but it’s for the best. It started about a year ago when I noticed a dark spot on my forehead after a long day in the sun. At first I thought it was just a little sunburn (a small, localized sunburn…that makes perfect sense, right?), but as time went on, it didn’t go away. And about thirteen months later, it was still here.


Dr. Brandt laser fix button

Then a few weeks ago, in swooped my saving grace: Dr. Brandt Laser FX Bright Serum. This stuff promised to brighten my skin, fade dark spots, and even out tone which are what my dreams are made of, people.

Know what my dreams are not made of? Showing you my evil dark spot, but I’m doing it anyway to give you a glimpse of the change Dr. Brandt’s magical potion has done in less than two weeks’ time.

dark spots arrow picture

Seriously, that’s embarrassing. Plus, in that top picture my eyebrows were OUT OF CONTROL. Gah.

As all my readers know, I have absolutely no photoshop ability, so the only magic I did with these pictures was cropping out my crazy eyes (you’re welcome) and then adding those super-cool arrows. I took the pictures at about the same time each evening and the only other difference is my hair is really dirty in one picture and not as dirty in the other. I’ll let you guess which is which.

Here’s what I love about Dr. Brandt Laser FX Bright Serum: it didn’t smell medicinal or floral, it was light and not sticky, and it kind of tingled when I put it on so it makes you think it’s working instantly. Which I’m not really sure if it is instant, but I like that it immediately felt different than other lotions I’ve used. Also, it was lightweight and not greasy which is important for someone who still has breakouts like a teenager every once in a while. Yippee, part two.

Dr. Brandt laser FX

Dr. Brandt’s new line has other amazing Laser FX products too: Lift Serum that tightens, firms, and refines face contours and Perfect Serum that diminishes lines and wrinkles while retexturizing and smoothing. Once Operation: Dark Spot Removal is wrapped up, I’m going to move onto the Perfect Serum so I can ward off any lines and wrinkles that might be trying to come on board. Even if my students always tell me they think I’m twenty five, I know that’s just a ploy for extra credit (it works) and it’s never too soon to fight wrinkles.

If you’re interested in Dr. Brandt’s Laser FX serum, make sure you check out his website for a $10 off coupon (click the “Share and Save” button) and if you order directly from his website, you get free shipping! You can also “like” Dr. Brandt Skincare on Facebook and enter to win a Laser FX bundle of your own.



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