run update: August

Eh. So August.

That was a tough month. School was back in full force for both Ellie and me, Chris started working three days a week, and Harper went back to preschool. So it was really hard to get to the gym.  I’d talk myself out of the gym after school and convince myself I’d run or go for a bike ride after the girls were in bed. But then 8:00 would roll around and it would be too hot or I’d be too tired or I’d have something I *had* to do.

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So there were not a lot of miles in August.

But I’m giving myself grace and another clean slate, this new hobby isn’t dependent on a good month or a bad month, but that I just keep going. So I got up two mornings on our three-day weekend and pounded the pavement. Saturday morning I even ran in the rain. This weekend’s miles weren’t as fast as I would have liked and some of them were hard, but I’m running and I’m not stopping. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned through this year as I focus on running: that I’m no less of a runner because I have a bad week, a bad mile, or a bad month.

run update

What makes me a runner is that I keep getting back up, I keep lacing up my shoes, and I keep going.

(Photography by Kaitlyn Meeks Photography)


  1. Rashonda Davis says

    Well, your butt looks cute in those pants, if that’s a little motivation for you! (smile) I’m going to start today, I hope. LOL!!! I’ve gained 40 lbs in 2 years and I feel it, bad. So I’ll be doing something to remove the back fat. Urghhh! Happy Running!! xo

    • mary says

      HA! Thanks Rashonda! That made my day. :) And I understand the feeling of gaining weight and allllll the feelings that come with that, for sure. Today is a great day to start running! Good luck and you can do it!

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