Harper Kimery turns four

Harper is ornery and sassy. She recently learned the word ‘booyah’ at preschool and uses it regularly, in context, and timed perfectly.

“Harper, what was your favorite part of school today?”


“Harper, what book did you read in class today?”


Harper Kimery 0Harper Kimery 4Harper Kimery 1Harper Kimery 3Harper Kimery 2Harper Kimery 5

(Photos by Kaitlyn Meeks Photography)

She has a sense of humor that some adults would kill for. A sense of humor that says she’s going to be great at parties. Parties that do not have alcohol, smoking, or drugs and that end at 8:30 PM.

Actually, she’s going to be great at midmorning brunches and afternoon teas. She doesn’t need to be good at parties. Or go to them, ever.

Harper is built like me. She has chunky thighs and a booty. Seeing her little body grow, I can’t help to love my own body a little more. She shows me what is beautiful in myself and lets me know my thighs aren’t going to ruin the world like I once thought they were.

Four years ago today Harper Kimery came into the world. I had to be induced because she had no intention of coming on her own. She was born at 9:35 PM and the closer we got to midnight, the more adamant I became that I would not have an April Fool’s baby. I thought that was setting her up for bad birthdays so I was focused on getting her out before April first.

Knowing her now, she probably would have loved to have been born on the first of April. It would have fit her perfectly.

Of my two daughters, Harper is the one that commands the attention when she enters a room. People are drawn to her, to her personality, to her long blonde hair, to her cute face, and the twinkle in her eye that says she knows where all the fun is. She is not shy or mean, she knows every kid’s name at preschool (even the kids who aren’t in her class), and makes up some of the wildest stories you’ve ever heard.

But don’t try to snuggle her.

She used to be the best snuggler. Now if you try anything remotely cuddley, she’ll yell “BOOYAH” in your face and kick you in the shin.

It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Happy birthday Harper Kimery. You make life so much fun.


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