notes from my daughter

I am raising a writer. I didn’t know it until lately though. Coincidentally, she just recently learned how to write. So that seems about right. Or write, perhaps.

Sometime in my mid-twenties, I became self-aware enough to realize that writing was what I needed to make sense of the world and then I got my butt in gear. I don’t think it will take Elliott as long to find writing. Actually, I think she’s already found it.

Ellie writing

Here’s what she’s writing at six:

ellie letter

Translation: Today I might go play outside. Mom goes to the YMCA to run.

Observation: That diary entry pretty much sums up our spring. Mommy running and the girls playing outside. I love that she plans out her day, she is such my daughter.

Ellie book collage

Translation: page 1 “The book about my mom” and page 2 “She works a lot throughout the week and I love her a lot.”

Observation: This is completely true and it breaks my heart. I’d love nothing more than to be home with her more. *insert mom-guilt tears here*

Ellie letter collage

Translation: page 1 “Dad, can you try so Mommy can be nice? From Ellie” and page 2 “Mommy please can you be nice to Daddy and talk nice? From Ellie.”

Observation: My six year just got to the root cause of most fights Chris and I have. These notes were brought to us while we were in the kitchen arguing. Ellie was in her room upset with us (we don’t fight much and they’ve probably seen us fight less than five times in their whole lives) and so she had Harper bring the notes to us. It was also pretty heartbreaking. Why is my kindergartener so honest and smart? She cuts to the bone, geez.

I saved the best for last (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen this one before):

Ellie letter about her sister

I know what you’re thinking…and you’re totally wrong.

Translation: “My sister is dramatic and nothing.”

Observation: While not very nice, I totally let this slide once I realized she wasn’t calling her sister a dick. I’m not saying I never let a foul word fly, but that is not a word I use ever so I was completely confused as to where she would have learned that gem until I had her read it to me. Oohh, dramatic. Yes, she is very dramatic, I agree. Whew.

I keep a file folder full of the girls’ school work and art projects each year. Most of their stuff gets trashed, but I keep the best, funniest, or weirdest things so they can look back on them later and laugh. Also, so I can look back on them later and weep. Ellie’s folder for this year has started overflowing with letters and notes. Seeing the way her mind works, how she sounds out words, and what she wants to write is making me so proud to be her mommy. And it makes me want to be better too.

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