Things I Will Never Apologize For

-chocolate as a meal

-missing a run


-choosing a book over sleep

-laughing too loud


-saying yes


-my big feet

-being bossy

things i will never apologize for

-not having more children


-the shirt I keep wearing even though it has a stain

-loving my dog more than most some people

-talking too much

-giggling when someone farts

-missing your party because my kids need me

-not understanding

-loving hard

-hiding from my kids in the basement

-yoga pants

-not brushing my teeth for most of 4th grade

-going with my gut instinct (it’s normally right)

-more chocolate

-having children

-not being girly enough

-my height

-trusting too much

-saying what I think

-the opinion that real books will always be better than e-books

-saying no

-putting down my phone

-turning it up loud when any rap song from the ’90s comes on the radio


What will you never apologize for? Share your list!

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