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Hi, I’m Mary, the writer behind Trusty Chucks. Since I learned how to put letters together to make words, I’ve been writing. Some of it’s been important, some of it hasn’t. But this process, this creating, helps me make sense of a world I don’t always understand. Maybe you feel that way sometimes, too? My hope for this place is that you find laughter, inspiration, and encouragement.

I believe strongly in gathering friends and family around my table and feeding them good food, that rescue dogs are the best, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on clothes to look and feel good, you can never have enough books, Sundays should be social-media free, and laughing loudly can change your whole day.

I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my husband, two daughters, and rat terrier, Blue. I have a bachelor’s degree in secondary English education and a master’s in curriculum and instruction. All that to say I teach middle school English. It is, simultaneously, the best and worst job there is.

This place is my escape.

You can also find me at:

The Huffington Post
Pearson’s Teachability
Fancy Little Things
as well as various other online & print sources.

contact me // mary@trustychucks.com